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'Business Is Blooming' Hanging Basket Partnership Scheme 

Would you like your business to have the extra wow factor? 

Our hanging baskets are renown for their beauty and providing colour in the towns across the district.

Harrogate Borough Council work in partnership with the businesses across the town centres and offer a subsidised hanging basket scheme.

Due to access and parking restrictions it is only possible to erect hanging basket on an agreed route.

Please click on individual town maps below for more details.

If you are interested in ordering a hanging basket and the business is on the specified route please read the guidance notes below before purchase.

The cost of a hanging baskets is subsidised by Harrogate Borough Council and includes growing, planting and the putting up and taking down of the baskets as well as the watering and maintenance throughout the time they are up.

In 2023 the subsidised cost of each hanging basket is £87. 


It is essential that you confirm your hanging basket requirements no later than Friday 18 February 2023 to ensure that we have enough plants, as these are grown from seed at our nursery.

Hanging Baskets

We provide self-watering hanging baskets complete with substantial chains and ring.

530mm diameter x 240mm deep.

The basket once planted, and the reservoir filled with 10 litres of water weighs approximately 30kg.


Baskets will generally be watered 2-3 times a week, depending on the weather. However, due to the fact that we water over 600 baskets and planters across the Harrogate district it is not possible to say when they will be done or at what time. This is further complicated with restricted access to some sites due to pedestrianised streets and parked vehicles. Watering will normally be done between 6.30am and 7.30pm Monday to Friday, although this may vary and include weekends, particularly during dry spells.



During the course of the year we include horticultural feed in the water to ensure the hanging baskets thrive and look their best. We need to you make you aware of this in case any baskets are above a public area where the water may drip onto pedestrians.


Bracket Specification

Businesses that have not previously purchased a hanging basket through the  Harrogate Borough Council subsidised scheme must select the 'Bracket and Basket' option. 

All brackets are inspected by our contractor to ensure they meet the necessary health and safety regulations.

This is because bracket needs to withstand the weight of a large hanging basket with a full reservoir of water, weighing approximately 30kg.

Once the health and safety inspection is complete any repairs needed will be quoted to the business as an additional cost. 

Baskets are usually put up in the first two weeks of June but this year we are planning to put them up starting on Monday 22 May. They will be taken down in late September or early October. 


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