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Horticultural Nursery

Growing Plants for the District Since 1974

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Find out more about us and how we work at Harrogate Borough Council Horticultural Nursery
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About Us

The Horticultural Nursery has been growing quality plants for the district since 1974 and takes pride in the horticultural excellence, knowledge and years of experience required to ensure floral displays within the district are to a high standard.

We are very proud of our methods of growing which is predominantly from seed. This method requires highly skilled staff to ensure each plant is nurtured from the time of sowing to planting in the soil.


Every year the Nursery grows over 400,000 plants which are planted by the parks team in the many floral displays across the borough which makes Harrogate the floral town of the North.


Harrogate district’s seasonal beds and horticultural displays are renowned for their award-winning quality, which has been celebrated by many national and international awards over the years.


You too can take a little bit of Harrogate home with you, by purchasing the same seasonal bedding plants that go into the award-winning floral beds.


We are a local service of prominent visibility and unrivalled award-winning reputation, selling high quality plants at a great value achieved through low environmental impact of growing locally for people who take pride in their own gardens as well as in our district.

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Information on our mission at Harrogate Borough Council Horticultural nursery
Our Mission

Our mission is to share our passion and expert advice with our customers by growing high quality plants for the indoor and outdoor gardening experience. We are proud to provide a wide range of high quality locally grown plants to inspire you to get green-thumbed in the garden, as well as growing to ensure the sustainability of the environment and the pure enjoyment and mental wellbeing gardening can bring to all.

Find out how we are aiming to be greener at Harrogate Borough Council Horticultural nursery
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Getting Greener

In North Yorkshire Council’s Parks and Grounds maintenance team we focus on reduce, reuse and recycle across our operations.  In the plant nursery we use a range of sustainable growing methods such as peat free/ reduced peat composts, recycled plastic or where possible plastic alternatives.  We even give away old containers for the public to use for their own planting requirements and recycle Christmas trees! 

We have expanded our pollinator-friendly plantings alongside annual bedding displays to make our open spaces welcoming and friendly for people to enjoy but also good for the environment.

Find out about the up and coming seasons at Harrogate Borough Councils horticultural nursery
Seasons Update

January, February and March don’t quieten down for us, cleaning all the greenhouses inside and out to ensure there are no pests or diseases lurking around is such an important part of the year. Once all the houses are stripped, power washed and re-laid we can start and prep for summer!

What's Coming Next

Mid-February we start to seed sow summer bedding starting with Begonias as the take the longest to germinate. After Begonias we continue to grow other bedding plants such as Geranium, petunias, lobelia etc.

We bring out the Dahlia tubers that we kept frost free over winter into trays of compost to warm up and water until they reshoot.

Then we will take cutting from the new shoots from the Dahlias in the gardens such as Dahlia Beds in Valley Gardens.

When the plants are big enough We start to prep hanging baskets, tubs and containers for selling and displays across the district.


The team have over 150 years of gardening and growing experience and are totally dedicated to ensuring the best possible plant is grown, as well as keeping up to date with new varieties and species. We also pride ourselves in keeping very old and rare plants such as Dahlia tubers to ensure the display in the valley gardens is there year on year for both enthusiasts and the general public to enjoy.

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