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Playground Inspections

North Yorkshire Council recommend parish councils/management committees undertake an annual inspection on all public playgrounds with in the parish in line with British safety standards. We work closely alongside The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) to offer these annual inspections to identify risks and reduce accidents and help make playgrounds safe areas for children.

To book an inspection please complete the below form and pay online. We aim to complete all playground inspections by 31st October 2023.


Cost per inspection per playground £62.00 (plus VAT)

It is essential that you confirm your request no later than Friday 15th September 2023


All playgrounds will be inspected to ensure they meet the recommended health and safety regulations to ensure the site, equipment, surfacing and ancillary items are sufficiently robust and safe to use.

Once the inspection is complete any faults, recommended actions or repairs will be compiled into a report and forwarded to the contact email for the parish council/management committee to undertake any work independently.

For more details regarding annual playground inspections please visit RoSPA


For any additional information please contact

Play Area Inspection Booking Form


If you wish to order more than 5 inspections please email

Please select amount of play areas for inspection

Thank you for booking your playground inspections.

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